Tickets for the Alhambra

Tickets for the Alhambra
If you have not found tickets for the Alhambra or they are sold out you can book your tour with us. The tour includes: the tickets for the Alhambra and Generalife and an official guide during the whole morning. The guide will give you the tickets the following meeting point: Puerta de la Justicia (between 10.00 and 10.20 am). You can stay at the Alhambra until 20.00 pm.




    Purchase of tickets:

    The tickets can be purchased at the automatic machine of “La Caixa” bank, the collaborator bank entity with the company that manages Serviticket service. The tickets can also be acquired in internet ( or by telephone calling to the number 902 888 001.

    The acquisition of the tickets using these systems will imply an added commission, for expenses of management, nowadays fixed in 1,30 €.

    Collection of tickets:

    The tickets bought in internet or by telephone can be picked up in the automatic machines of “La Caixa” using the credit card used for booking the tickets except the discount tariffs (with the exception of those under 12 years old).

    That kind of tickets can also be collected at the automatic machines located in the Access Pavilion using the credit card with the conditions mentioned in the paragraph above. Finally, tickets can also be picked up in the ticket offices of the Monument, showing the printed slip ticked of the reservation, the card used to book the tickets or, if the reservation is to your name, giving reference o printing codes.

    Entrance to the Monument:

    If the tickets have been obtained through the automatic machines of “La Caixa”, you will be able to go directly to any of the accesses to the Monument.

    If the tickets have not been collected in these automatic machines, the access to the Monument has to be across the Access Pavilion to be able to collect the tickets in the ticket offices or in the automatic machines. Those tickets must be collected at least one hour before to the scheduled time of your visit to the Nasrid Palaces. However you are recommended to collect your tickets long before the visit due to the complexity of the Monument and the length of the tours.


    The day of the visit, tickets can be acquired in the ticket offices or in the automatic machines located in the Access Pavilion in the Alhambra. In this case, the price will be increased because of an added commission, for expenses of management, nowadays fixed in 1,30 €.

    The availability is not ensured as tickets can be sold out through the other ticket sale procedures.

    Tickets are only valid for the day of tickets purchase.

    This kind of direct sale does not allow any changes in the day or in the time of the visit or its cancellation.


    Ticket payment can be in two different ways:

    • Cash: only at the ticket offices located in the Monument.
    • Credit card: at the automatic ticket machines located near the ticket offices. Virtual credits are not allowed and your Personal Identification Number (PIN code) is required. In this case the price will be increased because of an added commission, for expenses of management, nowadays fixed in 1,30 €.


Source: Patronat de la Alhambra y Generalife