Terms and Conditions

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18194 Churriana de la Vega (Granada)

CIF: B19558964. Registro Mercantil de Granada, Tomo 1531, Folio 43, inscripción 1 con hoja GR-44913. CIAN 186480-2.

It is compulsory to show to our guide a copy of the voucher that you will obtaion at the end of the booking process.

This voucher is valid as a receipt of payment.

A service charge which counts for 10% of the final price cannot be refunded in any case. The charge is 100% for those cancellations within the 72 hours prior to the tour.

Any modification please send it to reservas@granada-alhambra.com or +0034-902330002.

Acceptance of the general conditions
When signing for one of our tours, you fully accept the terms and conditions and the content of what is published in this web site, wich is your compromise with us and ours with you.For any topic derived from the interpretation o aplication of the conditions contained in this brochure and for the fulfillment of the obligations derived from its acceptance, both the traveller and the organizer agency are submitted to the jurisdiction and competence of the Granada's tribunals, and reject any other institution.

The informations contained in this site, such as itineraries, arrival and departure times, operation dates; is accurate at the time of publication on the site, and any alteration or change since publication, inaccuracy or variation may not be deemed as misleading publicity by the organising agency. In the event of any modification, the customer shall be informed upon reservation or the the beginning of the excursion, with the corresponding information given by the guide at the beginning of the trip being valid and definitive.

Reimbursement for services not taken
Refunds shall not be applicable for services of the program that have not been used in a voluntary manner during the excursion or trip.

If you find during the trip development a reason for a complaint, please, tell it inmediately to the trip's responsable person (guide, escort guide, group's director). In that way we will have the oportunity to amend the mistake in the very same moment. Future complaints not advised at the time the incidence appeared will not be taken into consideration.